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The Machining Process: Benchtop Milling Machine

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The Machining Process:
When people think about machining, they normally visualize a mill or a lathe system making a part with chips and coolant flying around. What is important to remember is that the actual machining of a part is just one of three important steps of the machining process. The 3 major steps in the part creation process include:

Step 1. CAD (Creating a 3D model of the part):

Step 2. CAM (Creating a Tool Path/Machining Strategy):

Step 3. Machining of the actual part:

There are naturally sub categories to each process step such a part fixturing, but each process will be analyzed in depth in future articles.

At most companies these steps are done separately. The CAD drawing of the part will be done by an engineer, the CAM tool path creation will be done by a technician and the machining of the part will be done by the machinist. Most of our customers that are looking into purchasing a benchtop milling machine or benchtop lathe system will most likely be doing all 3 steps on their own.

For that reason, it is important for people getting into CNC machining to understand the complete process and what it takes to machine a part. It may seem overwhelming if you are stepping into the world of CNC for the first time, but do not be deterred. Using a Benchtop CNC Mill is the easiest way to learn. Having a simple small machine where everything is visible is a much easier platform to learn on than a complex milling system that is the size of your living room. The CNC process also allows you to start at the most basic simple level and gradually progress as you become more comfortable with your abilities.

Whether you are using a 5-axis CNC system to machine a complex part or a standard 3-axis CNC benchtop milling machine to create a more simple part, the more of the machining process you control and understand the better.

For a more in depth analysis of each individual machining process please keep an eye on the blog for updates.

If you have any questions regarding CAD , CAM Software or if our benchtop CNC mill and lathe systems are a good fit for you, please give us a call today at (408) 847-7796 or email us at: info@mdaprecision.com.

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