Ralph Hulseman, Hoowaki LLC

“Customer service is amazing! Quick response times, easy to get a hold of, highly technical to keep us running. This is a huge reason we purchased additional machines after the first one.

We also greatly appreciate their ability to customize the machines and software to meet our unique needs.

Hoowaki machines micro surfaces on tooling with complex arrays of micro features that may have more than 50,000 features as small as 50 microns across on a highly curved 5 axis part. Ordinary CAD and CAM software can’t handle this. MDA Precision developed custom CAM software to work with our custom CAD software.

They met our needs for handling large arrays of features, for integrating a laser scanner part surfaces, and for integrating error checking and correction routines.

This gives us really unique capabilities not found elsewhere.”

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University of Pennsylvania

“I use a Wabeco CNC mill that I purchased from MDA Precision for developing and prototyping medical devices and assistive technology. I’ve recently upgraded to a 5-axis machine. I’m very pleased, not only with the performance of the CNC mill, but also with the service and advice that I’ve received from MDA Precision. I’m hoping to purchase a Wabeco CNC lathe from MDA Precision in the near future.”

Kunj, Research Associate Harvard Medical School affiliate, Brigham and Womens Hospital

“We have been using the MDA Precision 5-Axis CNC System for prototyping microdevices for cancer application in-house. The machine allows us to rapidly prototype different device designs, speeding up the development time. The service we receive is quite extraordinary. MDA Precision is always willing to support us through phone or e-mail, whenever needed!”

Ted Holland, Pennsylvania USA. F1200E Mill - Telegraphy Instruments

“I’ve got a few hundred hours on the F1200 Mill you shipped me back in January, and I absolutely LOVE it. I can’t imagine having made a better choice for what I’m doing (building telegraphy instruments) and I am SO glad we went with the quick change tooling. I’m really satisfied!”

Lee Krasnow: Pacific Puzzle Works

“Lee Krasnow is known as a “world master” puzzle maker and purchased the WABECO V4 CNC Tool Room Mill in order to produce metal puzzles, incorporate more metal parts into his puzzles, and increase production capability. Shown to the left is “Dic Sonneveld’s Four Piece Cube” a mind bending puzzle machined by Lee Krasnow on the WABECO V4 Benchtop CNC Mill”

Larry Jacobs: Marietta, Georgia

“I initially chose MDA Precision based on price and later found their level of support to be far superior to any supplier I have worked with in my 30 plus year career. I found the personal attention, product knowledge and willingness to offer suggestions and ideas a major plus for my business!”

MDA Precision Customer Pictures