TC8 Accessory Kit

TC8 Replacement Tool Holder and Rings

Model # Description Price Qty
Ring Support Tool 11.5mm OD
Ring Support Tool 7.5mm OD$29.00
Tool Holder for 11.5mm Tool Ring (Used For 1/4” Shank and 6mm Shank Tools)$69.00
Tool Holder for 7.5mm Tool Ring (Used For 1/8” Shank and 3mm Shank Tools)$69.00
TC8 Tool Holder Installation/ Removal Tool$18.00
(QTY 10) Tool Ring 6mm ID, 11.5mm OD$29.00
(QTY 10) Tool Ring 1/4" ID, 11.5mm OD$29.00
(QTY 50) Tool Ring 3mm ID, 7.5mm OD$29.00
(QTY 50) Tool Ring 1/8" ID, 7.5mm OD$29.00