5 Axis CNC Systems

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MDA Precision offers small foot print 5-Axis CNC milling machines for high precision machining. Our 5-Axis machines are optimized for smaller parts (less than 5” in diameter). With simultaneous and 3+2 capabilities. Our 5-Axis milling machines can meet a wide range of applications in the fields of biomed, electronics, microfluidics, optics, aerospace and university research. MDA Precision’s engineering team can provide custom 5-Axis machines by adding additional in line probing or custom software plugins for your application (learn more about our custom solutions here).

Our 5-Axis CNC machine systems are built with only high quality long lasting components providing an extraordinary value for the price. Many of our customers have found themselves dealing with complex manual setups on oversize CNC machines. By offloading that work to one of MDA Precision’s small footprint, low cost, 5-Axis Systems they have been able to see dramatic productivity improvements and better part accuracy and quality. Please call or email us with any questions regarding any of our machining systems. We welcome all inquiries and we look forward to helping you with your next project!
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What can you do with a 5-Axis CNC mill?

Multi Axis machining capability can dramatically increase the complexity of parts that can be machined while reducing the number of setups required to complete a job. The amount of machine time can be dramatically reduced since our 5-Axis system allows you to machine from almost all sides of a part.
Another great advantage to 5-Axis milling is the ability to use shorter end mills and cutting tools in certain applications. The trunnion table can tilt the stock so the endmill is always oriented to the surface of the part. This allows for higher cutting rates without adding load on the end mill and also reduces vibration when machining deeper pockets as one would have with longer cutters.
For more info on 5-Axis milling applications and to see if you can benefit from one of our mills please call or email us today.

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