Glovebox Ready 3-5 Axis CNC Mill

• Features •

GBM5 At A Glance

The GBM5 is a 3-5 axis CNC milling system specialized for applications requiring glovebox and hot cell integration.​


  • Fixed overhead gantry style polymer concrete base provides large work envelope with high rigidity and superior damping
  • Optional glovebox feedthroughs available
  • 4.7Hp, 2000RPM high torque, position controllable spindle
  • Full 5-axis simultaneous capability
  • Compact footprint with large work volume
  • Closed loop linear encoder system in the X, Y and Z axes with .00004″ resolution
  • Turnkey system, capable of cutting and withstanding most exotic metals
  • Resilient hardware options to resist nuclear cell and inert gas environments
  • Easy access components for maintenance and repair
  • Integrated chip collection pan
  • Optional quick-change zero point fixturing
  • MotusCNC Shuttle Mode provides the user a crash free experience
  • Optional integrated conversational CAM plugin for MotusCNC control software
  • COC and Quality documentation (upon request)

• Specifications •

X Axis22″
Y Axis15.4″
Z Axis13″
Spindle Nose to Table (~ max)28.25″
Spindle Nose to Table (~ min)15.5″
ControllerMotusCNC, Linux
XYZ Axis FeedbackLinear Encoder
Linear Encoder Resolution0.00004″
Axis Motor TypeBrushless Servo
Servo Motor Resolution0.00001″
X-Axis Positioning Accuracy0.0004″ < 1″ travel, 0.0008″ < 8″ travel
Y-Axis Positioning Accuracy0.0004″ < 1″ travel, 0.0008″ < 8″ travel
Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy0.0004″ < 1″ travel, 0.0008″ < 8″ travel
Allowable Motor Speed10 – 2000 rpm
Spindle Power4.7 Hp
Spindle Torque18.4 ft-lb @ 10 rpm, 16.2 @ 1400 rpm
Drive SystemDirect Drive Servo Coupled to Spindle Shaft
ToolchangeManual, HSKC50 quick-change System
Sealing AirNone
Bearing TypeABEC7 
Spindle Taper Runout0.0001″
Tool Holder Type and SizeHSK C50
Servo Spindle Positioning CapabilityYes
Servo Spindle Positioning Resolution+/-1 arc-min
Table Flatness0.001″
T-Slot Width5/8″
T-Slot Center to Center Distance50mm
Number of T-Slots4
Max Weight on Table400 lbs.
Machine StyleFixed Overhead Gantry
Max Width45″ frame, 53″ with Cable Routing Hardware Mounted
Max Depth 34″ Frame, 36.75″ With Removable Endcaps
Max Height 67″ Frame, 69″ to top Cable Chain
Lifting Points4 lifting points
Glove Box Mounting 4 point leveling mount with anchoring features
Total Weight <3000 lbs.
Max Rapids on X100 in/min
Max Rapids on Y100 in/min
Max Rapids on Z70 in/min
Max Cutting70 in/min
Compressed Air Requirement~2PSI ( If Using Glass Scale Purge Option)
Power Requirement480 VAC WY, 50/60Hz, Three Phase
Ballscrew and Linear Guide LubricationGrease
Runout Max0.0004″
BacklashZero Backlash
Max Speed A Axis5 rpm
Max Speed C Axis5 rpm
Accuracy A Axis± 1 arc-min
Accuracy C Axis± 1 arc-min
Repeatability A Axis20 arc-sec
Repeatability C Axis20 arc-sec
Motor TypeBrushless Servo
Travel A Axis+105° to -105°’
Travel C AxisInfinity
C Axis Flange Diameter7.283″ (185mm) 
Max Weight160lbs
Lifting Points2 lifting points  
Machining Envelope15.75″ Dia x 11.1″ Cylinder, 11.1″ x 11.1″ x 11.1″ Cube(rotatable)
Runout Max0.0004″
BacklashZero Backlash
Max Speed 4th Axis5 rpm
Accuracy 4th Axis± 1 arc-min
Repeatability 4th Axis20 arc-sec
Motor TypeBrushless Servo
Travel 4th AxisInfinity
4th Axis Flange Diameter7.283″ (185mm) 
Lifting Points1 lifting points  
Chuck Type3 Jaw

• Engineer Support •

MDA Precision Design and Development Services

We can help you engineer a seamless solution for GBM5 implementation into your unique application!

MDA Precision and it's team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers with combined decades of experience in the field of Machine Design, CNC Automation and Robotics will help you design and integrate your GBM5 system into it's unique application. Contact our staff with your project requirements!

Training Resources

MDA Precision has the training resources to get your team up and running with the GBM5. The GBM5 comes with information packages that include:

  • Operator user manual
  • MotusCNC G-Code Manual
  • MotusCNC User Manual
  • Libraries of narrated training videos ranging from “startup procedures” and “runtime operations” to “maintenance procedures” and “calibration processes”
  • In depth wiring diagrams and engineering documentation

• Software Integration •

MotusCNC™ Integration

The GBM5 is powered by MotusCNC™, a versatile, modular Linux based CNC control software.

MotusCNC is fully integrated into the GBM5 system. MotusCNC's modular design can allow for customized safety features, visual process monitoring equipment, probes, closed loop feedback systems and more! MotusCNC's™ built in crash prevention feature shuttle mode, Shuttle Mode allows for safe and controlled initial G-Code testing. Users have complete control of G-Code progression using the MPG hand dial.

Learn more about MotusCNC™ and shuttle mode by clicking the MotusCNC™ Icon below!

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