Custom Solutions

Custom CNC Solutions​

MDA Precision offers custom built turn key machine tool solutions designed to meet your machining challenges.

Our custom work includes systems designed for:

  • Glove boxes with strict weight and size limitations
  • Nuclear hot cells and other harsh environments
  • Governmental and defense regulated applications
  • Robotic assembly lines and high-volume manufacturing

We will work with you through the entire system design cycle from concept to delivery. 

We here at MDA Precision have a long history of developing custom micro-milling/drilling machines, unique  work-holding solutions, purpose built glovebox mills, and OEM software solutions. Additionally, we offer support for a suite of real time inspection capabilities like closed loop encoder feedback, lasers, integrated cameras and touch probes.  Give us a call to learn more today!

Customized Software

MDA Precision provides customized control software for your specialized applications using the modular power of MotusCNC.

 MotusCNC is a Linux based CNC control software. MotusCNC has been built from the ground up with custom automated machine applications in mind. This control software is already fully compatible with MDA Precision’s suite of 3-5 axis CNC mills, CNC turning machines and custom CNC solutions. MotusCNC is already integrated with critical features such as: Inline measurement of part geometry, integrated camera support, touch probe support, real-time toolpath and machine simulation and real time program compensation.

We can provide in-depth software training services for your custom application in person or over the internet. We have a team of software engineers, mechanical engineers, machinists and customer service professionals that work closely to customize software for your unique applications, troubleshoot hardware/software issues and train your team to take full advantage of MotusCNC. Ask us how we can help you with your custom application requirements today! or check out for more information!

Superior Quality and Service

We are committed to providing insightful consultation, expert design and  production and personalized technical support. We take the time to fully understand your unique requirements. Our goal is to produce effective and productive solutions for your unique application.

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