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Our Products and Services

  • Benchtop CNC Mills and Lathes
  • 4th and 5th Axis Milling Options
  • High Speed Spindle Solutions
  • Customized/OEM CNC Machines
  • User Friendly MotusCNC Control Software
  • CNC Controllers, Electronics, and Software Customization 
  • Solutions ranging from Manufacturing Applications to one off Prototyping 

Our Control Software

MotusCNC is our in-house CNC Control Software that is capable of running our complete CNC Mill lineup. MotusCNC’s architecture allows for unmatched control over your machining project. MDA Precision provides full support for customer specific solutions.  Click below to learn more!

"...The service we receive is quite extraordinary..."
Research Associate Harvard Medical School affiliate, Brigham and Womens Hospital
"...We recently upgraded to a 5-axis machine. I’m very pleased, not only with the performance of the CNC mill, but also with the service and advice that I’ve received from MDA Precision..."
University of Pennsylvania
"Customer service is amazing! Quick response times, easy to get a hold of, highly technical to keep us running. This is a huge reason we purchased additional machines after the first one..."
Ralph Hulseman
Hoowaki LLC
“I’ve got a few hundred hours on the F1200 Mill you shipped me back in January, and I absolutely LOVE it. I can’t imagine having made a better choice for what I’m doing (building telegraphy instruments) and I am SO glad we went with the quick change tooling. I’m really satisfied!”
Ted Holland
Telegraphy Instruments