1410 chopper close up white background scaled 1.1
1410 chopper angled overview1410 chopper close upJaeger Chopper installed on a 1410LF (002)

V6 1500D CNC Benchtop Mill 5000-30000 RPM

Quick Overview

Wabeco F1410LF shown with Alfred Jaeger “Chopper” 1500D

Model# Product Description Price Qty
  • Spindle Specifications
  • F1410LF Mill with LINEAR GUIDES Installed
  • High Torque 1.9Kw  Jaeger “Chopper” Spindle Package, 5000-30,000RPM (German Made)
  • TC8: 8 Tool Automatic Tool Changer (Made in the USA)
  • 4-axis Ethernet Controller (Made in the USA)
  • All-In-One Lenovo Computer with Installed MACH3 Software/License
  • EUCHNER Homing Switches

Wabeco F1410LF shown with:

-Alfred Jaeger “Chopper” 1500D (ATC Model) Made in Germany

-Powerful high precision spindle for applications where higher RPM and faster feed rates are needed

-RPM Range: 5000-30000

-Rotational Accuracy: 0.002mm (0.00008”)

-For detailed specifications go to above factory link

-Automatic 8-Position Tool Changer (Made in the USA)

-Optional Magnum Milling Vise ( Made in the USA)