5 Axis CNC Systems

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MDA Precision offers top of the line 5-axis CNC milling machines for all your 5-axis mill machining applications. With simultaneous and 3+2 capabilities our 5-axis milling machine systems can meet a wide range of machining needs. From manufacturing turbine blades to precise specifications, to your most complex R&D project, you can count on our machines to deliver time and time again. With years of experience and expertise, we choose and develop only the best quality milling machines to offer our customers.

We personally developed and built our Trunnion Table right here in California and matched it with a German made benchtop mill. Our 5 axis CNC machine systems are second to none for the price, and we guarantee them to be the highest quality and have the utmost precision. By offering manufacturing level rigidity in a benchtop 5 axis machine you can achieve the results you require at a competitive price.

Please call or email us with any questions regarding any of our machining systems. We welcome all inquiries and we look forward to helping you with your next project!

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What can you do with a 5-axis mill?

Multiaxis machines such as our 5-axis CNC mills offer several improvements over 3 and even 4-axis CNC tools.

The amount of machine time can be dramatically reduced, if the piece would otherwise have to be turned manually during the machining process. A 5-axis system allows you to machine all sides of a part in one program eliminating manual part rotation/configuration. Any human interaction with a multisided part drastically increases machine time and more importantly, a decrease in accuracy.

Another great advantage to 5-axis milling is the ability to use shorter end mills and cutting tools. The trunnion table can tilt the stock so the endmill is always oriented to the surface of the part. This allows for higher cutting rates without adding load on the end mill and also reduces vibration when machining deeper pockets as one would have with longer cutters.

Turbine blades and compressor wheels are the most well-known application for a 5-axis milling machine, but surprisingly also a very small percentage of its uses. For more info on 5-axis milling applications and to see if you can benefit from one of our mills please call or email us today.