I’ve got a few hundred hours on the F1200 Mill you shipped me back in January, and I absolutely LOVE it. I can’t imagine having made a better choice for what I’m doing (building telegraphy instruments) and I am SO glad we went with the quick change tooling. I’m really satisfied!
Ted Holland, Pennsylvania USA. F1200E Mill - Telegraphy Instruments


  • Titanium Milling

  • 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining (Compressor Blade)

  • 5-Axis Spherical Drilling Cycle (Hardened Steel)

  • Microfluidics Demo V8-TC8 CNC Servo Mill

  • Micromachining Application Aluminium

  • Micro Driling in Acrylic with V8-TC8 CNC Servo Mill

  • 4-Axis V8-TC8 CNC Mill, (Jewelry / Brass Ring)

  • CC-D6000Ehs CNC Lathe with Automatic Tool Turret: Delrin


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