I use a Wabeco CNC mill that I purchased from MDA Precision for developing and prototyping medical devices and assistive technology. I’ve recently upgraded to a 5-axis machine. I’m very pleased, not only with the performance of the CNC mill, but also with the service and advice that I’ve received from MDA Precision. I’m hoping to purchase a Wabeco CNC lathe from MDA Precision in the near future.
Dan Bogen, MD, PhD,Professor of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania


  • Microfluidics Demo V8-TC8 CNC Servo Mill

  • 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining (Compressor Blade)

  • Micromachining Application Aluminium

  • 5-Axis Spherical Drilling Cycle (Hardened Steel)

  • Micro Driling in Acrylic with V8-TC8 CNC Servo Mill

  • 4-Axis V8-TC8 CNC Mill, (Jewelry / Brass Ring)

  • CC-D6000Ehs CNC Lathe with Automatic Tool Turret: Delrin


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